Bet365 Onlne Casino Review

One of the better known bookmakers in the UK is at Bet365. They are well known for their sponsorship of big horse races, and are an online specialist. They have been offering a casino service for a number of years to make their transformation into a betting website that offers it all from casinos, bingo, financials, sports betting and poker. You can log onto the website and have access to all of this.

The main appeal of joining Bet365 is if you like their other websites – many people come for the sports betting, and it is also a good idea to join up with the casino to play when you have some time spare.

Bet365 are licensed and regulated like all of the UK casinos and offer a very high payout ratio. They also ensure that they are up to date with all the latest games and bonuses so you will always have a good deal when you join up. The emphasis on their online customers is commendable and shows in the customer awards that they have won over the years.


The casino uses the typical Playtech software that you will find at many of the other big name casinos. This means that you can be assured of the security and gameplay that you will find anywhere else, except that you will have the further guarantee of the Bet365 name.


The casino lobby and the website look fairly simplistic from the outset – they certainly don’t want to overwhelm you with gimmicks. This is somewhat of a good thing because the concept of the site appears to be the games as opposed to the flash that you see elsewhere. The games are every bit as good, in fact identical to many casinos. The 3D graphics display the game very well, the cards are clear and the games play quickly.

There are table games, roulette, craps and many more as well as card games. Card games include blackjack and other varieties. There are also some less well known card games and of course video poker. You also get the opportunity to play in their live casino with real life dealers.

The slot games connect you to the biggest progressive jackpots that are available. There are small jackpots at the slots all the time and you can win an impressive amount of money with just a few pence. If you want to stay away from the traditional there are many different games you can play including novelty bingo, horse racing, scratchcards and Mah Jong.

Bonuses and Promotions:

The latest promotions at Bet365 allow you to have a 100 Euro bonus on your deposit to help you get started. There are often extra promotions such as no deposit bonuses and special events to get you going, so its always worth considering joining up. They also have a VIP section to award you with Comp points and extra bonuses for playing.

Customer Service and Support:

You can talk to the customer service team 24 hours a day through their live chat, free telephone and email. They are quick to answer any queries that you may have