Casino Locations Around the World

casino-location_01Casino games are very popular throughout the world and there are many countries around the globe where they are played and enjoyed by gamers. Before there were online casino gaming sites, travelling to locations such as Las Vegas was required if you wanted to gamble.

As a continent, North America has the maximum number of casino locations, more than any other location on the map.
As is pretty obvious, most of North America’s casinos are in the United States of America. A recent survey estimated there was in excess of 1,500 casino locations in the USA alone.

One the world’s most famous casino and gambling sites, Las Vegas, Nevada is in America. Atlantic City, Mississippi, Biloxi, Louisiana, Reno, Colorado and California are all states where you can find many prominent USA casino locations. Black Hawk casinos of Colorado are also highly recommended for those who want to stay away from the large metropolis of Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

casino-location_02After USA, Canada is the second North American country in the list of casino locations. There are more than 100 official casinos in Canada and the number keeps growing. One famous name in the casino industry of Canada is B.C. casinos. Along with the gaming the food is delicious here.

Mexico is another country from North America that houses some good casinos.
Caribbean casinos have their own fun factor which cannot be matched anywhere else in the world. Caribbean Islands house more than 100 casinos with some of the most prominent sites being The Dominican Republic, Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Barbados, Haiti and Aruba.

Telling by numbers the Dominican Republic has the maximum casinos. Princess Port de Plaissance Casino of Cole Bay, Saint Maarten, Netherlands Antilles is the biggest casino of Caribbean Islands.

Australia has 13 international level casinos. The first casino of Australia was Wrest Point Casino of Tasmania Island. In New Zealand, Christchurch Casino was their first casino and the government has licensed 6 companies to open casinos there.

In Western Europe, Germany, the UK and France are three biggest countries housing about 500 casinos between them. Spain comes next with 45 casinos followed by the Netherlands, Northern Cyprus, Austria, Belgium and Portugal. Italy is kind of an anomaly with just 4 casinos despite having a huge economy.

Apart from these locations there are many other online casino sites where the gamers can enjoy casino gaming of all sorts, while never leaving the privacy of their own home.