A favourite for casino goers, Roulette is a straight forward odds game, with a variety of different bets available to the participants. Part of the attraction of online roulette, is that the rules are so simple to understand and the game caters for different betting strategies, so you can play the game in different ways.

There is, however, a slight variation in the game play between the US and European versions; the wheel of the US version contains 38 slots (the numbers 0 to 36 plus a 00 slot), whereas the European version lacks the 00 slot. Each of these slots is either red or black (with the exception of the 0 and 00 slots which are typically green and cannot be bet upon).

After each participant has placed their bets, the wheel is spun vigorously, at which point a ball is spun into the wheel in the opposite direction of said wheel and will eventually fall into one of the slots, thereby revealing the winning number and colour for the payout.

Players have the opportunity to bet on a variety of outcomes, with the options indicated by different sections on the table in which a player will place their playing chips to show their choice. A player can in fact choose as many different betting options as they wish (or are able to place in the allotted time) in order to cover more possible outcomes. However, this will usually result in lower winnings since it is often impossible that all of the choices will be correct.

These betting options include:

–    Red or black number
–    Odd or even number
–    Single number selection
–    Multiple number selection by placing chips on various different numbers
–    Multiple numbers through split bets in which the same chip stack is placed upon adjoined numbers on the table (the chips are placed on the corners of the chosen numbers)
–    Grouped numbers: 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36
–    Grouped numbers: 1-18 and 19-36

The amount won by the player will depend on which of the above bets they have chosen since the odds differ from 1:1 for red or black, odd or even and 1-18 or 19-36 bets, to 37:1 (36:1 for European roulette) for single number selections.

The safest bets to go for are the 1:1 bets, since they give the player 50 per cent chance of winning as long as the ball doesnt land on the 0 or 00 slot. But since these are the safest bets, they also pay out the least.

The real excitement of roulette comes from betting on single number selections. And although the odds are against you, the invigorating feeling of winning such a bet cannot be beaten, especially if you have risked a high sum of money.

Just remember that the game is about luck; whether you spread your chances by betting on multiple numbers, or go for the safest of bets, there is still no guaranteed method of winning at roulette.