Casino Glossary of Terms

casino-terms_01Whenever you are online playing casino games you will probably benefit from knowing a few of the casino terms that you might read.

What follows is a casino guide or glossary to help you to understand a few of the terms and phrases that you might encounter before you exchange your money for casino chips (also known as your bankroll).
In casino poker you might come across the following terms:

Bluff – this means the act of raising a hand with the intention to get all the other players out of the game.

Flush – when you are playing poker if you have a flush you have a hand of 5 cards that are all the same suit.

Burn card – this is the first card which is taken from the pack before the other cards are dealt out.

Full house – this is another type of poker hand where a player has a pair and three of a kind.

casino-termsIf you are playing casino games such as blackjack you will need to understand the following:

Hit – This is when you ask the dealer to deal you another card from the pack.

Insurance – this is when a player places a side bet, with the result that even if the dealer gets blackjack they will be even.

Card counting – when playing blackjack some people try to card count so that they can estimate which card might be dealt next.
There are also more general terms which are used when playing casino games, such as:A high roller – this is a player that will place large bets and can win, or lose big.

Bankroll – this is the term that is used for the amount of money which is used to play with during a game.

Comps – these are complimentary gifts which are given to players. In online casinos these can be the name of the sign up bonuses that some casinos offer players.

Face cards – these are the King, Queen and Jack in any of the packs of cards.

Now that you know a few of the terms that are used in casino games you will have no problem when you start playing these games for yourself.