Casino Blackjack

It is perhaps the simplicity of the games rules which has led to Blackjack becoming the most widely played casino game in the world. That being said, the more understanding you have of the game, the better you will fare each time you try your luck.

Simply put, the aim of the game is to get as close to a numerical value of 21 as possible without exceeding this total. The numerical value will be reached by adding together the value of the cards dealt.

Within the game, the term blackjack refers to any hand containing an ace plus a ten or face card – face cards are valued at 10, and an ace is valued at 11 or 1, depending on the players best interest.

Each player at the table is dealt two cards to start with, but unlike most other card games, players compete against the house rather than each other, meaning everyone at the table could walk away with winnings from the same round. And there is no better feeling than beating the house.

The way a player can win is by creating a hand which is closer to 21 than the dealer. Though the value should not exceed 21 or the player will bust or lose – a deflating feeling I assure you, but one that is sometimes worth risking to achieve that often elusive 21.

After being dealt the first two cards, the player must choose whether to remain with these two cards or, if they are not close enough to 21, take another card.

In certain circumstances, there are other options to consider. For instance, if the player is dealt two cards of the same numerical value, then they are offered the chance to split these into two separate hands, at which point the bet is also split between the two hands giving the player two chances to reach 21.

After all the players have retired, busted out, or settled their hand, the dealer will play their own hand until they either go bust or gain a set value (usually 17) or higher. At this point, those with a higher value hand than the dealer will win a sum equal to their bet. If they are lower, then they will lose their wager.

In the case of a player or the dealer getting blackjack (ace plus a ten or face card) they automatically beat the oppositions 21 if it is made up of other cards. Some casinos offer a one and a half payout against the wager in this instance.

Although Blackjack is based primarily on the draw of the cards, understanding your options can greatly increase your chances of leaving the table with a payout. So play some practice rounds and get used to the opportunities, and youll better your chances to get that ultimate feeling of beating the house in no time.