Playing Keno, thought to be the oldest game youll find in an online casino since it was invented in Ancient China by legendary Chinese general Cheung Leung in 200 B.C, is as easy as picking your lottery numbers. Essentially, this ancient game is all about luck, and absolute beginners are on equal footing with experienced players; all you have to do is choose your numbers and hope that they come up and result in a win.

Upon the arrival of Chinese immigrants in California in the nineteenth century, Keno made its appearance on American soil, and although the modern form differs from the original format, it is still sometimes known as the Chinese lottery.

Keno, much like bingo, is played in a lounge. In online Keno, the webpage itself serves as the players lounge and each player selects numbers on the screen (this serves as the pay slip in which casinos will typically punch holes to show the players selected numbers). Numbers are then usually chosen from random number generating software and revealed to the participants.

Each Keno card is made up of 80 numbers, and each player can choose as little or as many numbers as they wish  the amount of numbers chosen alters the chances of winning as well as the payout. The amount of numbers chosen by the player is usually referred to as a spot. For instance, a player who chooses 8 spots on a $4 wager would be playing a $4  8 spot ticket. If they choose 25 numbers at $5 each, then they would be playing a $5  30 spot ticket.

The more numbers selected by the software that matches the numbers on your ticket, the greater your winnings. Normally casinos allow you to play up to 20 numbers, but casinos do vary, so see what is being offered.

Perhaps the most difficult part of Keno is reading about it. It is often simpler to play a few practice rounds with a provider who offers a free version. This way, you can get to grips with the game play and realise that it really is a very simple game and one you can have a great time playing for real money.